Wednesday, February 15, 2012

blogwalking yg terbest aq wat

korang pnh walking2 x kat blog nie NeenaAnuar...
verry loving married couple, i love to see them, so charming,
ape org cakap, bagai pinang di belah dua, bagai cincin dgn permata,
berbagai2 lah, so comellllll....

syg die sngt2, ehehehehehe

dgn ini, kepada para suami isteri join lah jd mcm diorang,
sgt sweet... i like them...

these tears wont fall, but im still hurt inside

i am hurt, but i cant cry, 
i just cant fight this feeling anymore,
should i say goodbye?

ya allah, give me strength please

all my drama never end's....

the drama that i start,never ends

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