Sunday, April 17, 2011


cant be helped

u drugs people...
people will die because of you..
my surroundings..
 make their life miserable...

few memories of us

this is my stuffy... haha meesy

nie tyme hari kecermerlangan at skuwl

hihi walaaaaaaa..tis is me sweetheart ever

chinggu 4 ever..

here's the thing..

when u sampai at scul with a mixed faces...
sad,moody and hapi...
im waiting u to tell me...not just me..avi oso..
we not listening?
i always there n listening ur problems...
i've heard lot's of ur problems...
i only can give u advises... but some time u just not listening to my advises..
im sp pissed pf u babe...
on monday after class tell me wat is ur big problem?
how big ur problem than SPM!!

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