Monday, March 28, 2011

flash back 2

its been my dream to have him back...
but i guess i cant..
 he hates me so much i think..
hmm...  feeling hurt is not okey..
i hurt him thts my fault,
im leaving the best guy i ever know..
the guy who tried to make me smile ,even he know he cant..
he a person who kuat memujuk me...
n im the one always merajuk..
but he never meluat with me.. thts y.. i like him until now!
P/s:  im not asking u back.. but im wishing u be by my side forever... (^_^)

wow... sory kalau agak this is me...
lau x suka just get off my blog..tq

flash back..

i d k why i tiba2 teringt psl me n dia..
...evrybdy msti ada pengalaman kan...okey i tell u all mine..
i did fall in love with someone i dont know..
we are friends for 3 month, i never treat him really as my friend,
b'cos im in  Luv with sum1 else.. between us just knl2 biasa je..
then ,1 day ,when i was crying over for sum1 tht i know tht will never gonna luv me.
he called me and try to make me laugh... it's not easy for me... but he said to me tht
i am lovely when i smiled... then i stop crying... wonder he can see me from there?(Kedah)
then we talk like we are bff .. haha...
2 days later he ask me... "wanna be my girl?..i will never make u cry".. i promise u?
he is so sweet... then i say "yes"... he so hapi.. im hapi too..
honestly... i really feel tht time we are really2 happy being together...
he called me evrynight.. im so hapi to listen his voice..
he said im funny when im angry..haha... thts why i like him so much...
1 day...
i hv too leave him... he putting too much attention on me then his study... 
im soo warried about tht... other girls must be proud to hv sum1 like him... i am..but
for me.. his study more important then me..
so.. im breaking up with him... i told him just for a while..
after he finish his study...we will be back to normal.. he did not reply me...
i know he is angry.. i tried to call.. he answer me... then i cry.. i missed him a lot..
but i cant do anything...
after few weeks.. he found sum1 can replace me.. im so shocked... i cant breath..
i really2 wanna shout tht time...i go to my room and crying...
after  few hour im okey..
then someting happen! the girl txt me on fb ,she wants to be friend wit me
n i said...  sure.. then she told me tht.. she kapel wif  him... im so shocked ..
my tears flows slowly...
>> my story still pnjang but.. i gtg now all.... later... owke?? i will continue later.. byeee

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