Sunday, February 27, 2011

super me

Addicted to Glee

ring ring.. lama nyer.. beli time i was 12 y.o. buy .with k.ina..hihi

tell me

glee season

evrbdy knows tht im addicted to Glee..hehe..i sing thier song's evry minute n evry second of my life... im enjoying  watching it!!
Finn n reachel is.... cute...a perfect Glee season 2..i hate santanah..but i love her voice...
expecially when she sing river deep ,mountain high....
hehehe..... go glee.....


pursie syg..

saw sum1 decoration lke this so i oso wanna try... lawa lah ciket...hihi
these is my pensil case... jumbo 1 ahaha

xde keja

b4 to scul

my new tudung hehe

boring at scul

my super best ever friend

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