Monday, March 7, 2011

heppie laaa

last nite goin out!!...  i buy new highlight for my notes..
 i wanna complete all my notes...
and bring some to klntan nt... b'coz tkt lupa study..uhuh..
t.cer melissa the only 1 who comited! and i'm the only 1 who hv the notes yg teratus and always be 
there when t.cer explain those notes... ahaha... so proud..
but... wats she said was 100% betol!!
sbb kalau nota bio kita serabut x teratur mane kita nak baca kan?
not only Bio..alll buku yg dikehendaki menggunakan nota
sila lah buat dgn comited... sb... anda lah yg akan membaca nya nt...bukan org lain...haha...

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