Saturday, December 18, 2010

divie n theebha..

my angels coming....  i miss them so much...
> hey babes.. im waitin...


takziah to my besties..sbb her grandma just passed away this morning...she txt me this morning...but she didn't tell me...she only say ''Gyin"...  i just know when my mom told me.. im shocked.. i called vella as soon as possible... n say sorry 4 late replying...  im really sorry 4 not replying her msg.. today she's coming back from K.k... im meeting her today.. hunn... may her rest in peace okey??

p/s: hunny im sorry to hear that.. i promise.. i always be here for you..okey.. i love u my Pingu


why im so addicted to pinky stuff now... expecially rabbit..  the answer is.."ITS COME NATURALLY"
ahahha... really honestly...  i m hating this kaler before.. but since i love blogging..  all yg menarik hati sy cuma adalah pinky stuff... tp not hello kitty okey?

My promises

my new pursie... Happy meetOo.. buy at 1 Borneo aritu

new sepit 4 my hair... buy at labuan island..hehe


i change my muzic again... i know someone penah guna
sy bukan nak pungut lagu nieh.. i just put this song b'cos we 3 sisters sang this song loudly td..
.sampai my momy pon penin dah.. tp  kitorang nyanyi yg cover by owg cuba x jumpa..
so then sy amek jer lash lagu nieh... hokhokhok... lantak u la nk ckp blog sy..hehe.. okey?

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