Monday, February 28, 2011

the most.........

the most precious thing in my life is... 
To know u..
the sweett thing in my life
u make me ur girlfie
the worst thing...
u make me love u..
the most terrible thing...
u leave mme without words...

saja saja jah

01. Hows ur day?
> good.. as usual..enjoy my day with smiles
02.what did u hv 4 ur this morning?
> roti canai n fried rice..
03.where hv u been today?
>gone for dentist.
04.who with u during this morning?
>me n vela,then i called my sis come to canteen n hvin together..
05.when is ur apointment?
> 2nd of Mac.. on 3.00pm (dun be late)

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