Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tahun arnab

this year merupakan tahun arnab..
ppl say tahun arnab nie rezeki melimpah ruah..
Only my mom yg tahun arnab in this house...


muka-muka sportin 4 astro..hihih with tCher Talyne

all siap da

done my flu came out..haha... tmorrow gonna have flu CNy..hihi...
kitchen n my rOOm are done... All those blanket n bantal i sprayed Fabreeze..hek hek.
dapur i susun all mumy stuff.... all the trays dia guna buat bread.. the mixer..owww... ya... all the windows.. cleaned by me... so shining u nOe..huhu....  

cleaning up

last nite after cooking i do cleaning up.. i clean up the kitchen... its tiring but i enjoy doing it alone...
dadi ader gak tolong sikit2...tolong basuh botol2 yg da kotor pe sume...huk huk.. u all nak tahu why im cleaning up??? sb chinese new year is coming... since my mom is chinese, so we all must clean the house to let the
 feng shui come in.. after chinese new year , cant sweep the floor for 1 week sb takut nt feng shui tu fly with the habuk yg kita sapu tu.... bukan tu je sbab nya... unty tilin is coming... YaY!! this CNY gonna be we all raya cina at Rumah atok... with Those kueh bakul n Limau mandrin..hihi owh im so excited..hihi

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