Friday, April 15, 2011

New hair

is it a newhair...
tajuk saja leby..hak hak..actually td sy sgt boring sb sorang2
kat umah..then sy pown main lah dgn iron rambut yg sy beli dulu..hik.hik
nih lah kejadian nyer..hahahaha
amacam..btul x??? sy mmg cute hahahha>>lawl!!<<< 

wat the....

im so disspointed... been acting weird...
you keep telling me you okey...
but...ur face dosen't shows tht you okey....
avi n me keep asking each other..what's your problem..
both of us cant find the answer..
you keep telling us
"no secret between us"
okey now who the one is mysterious now?

Never Say Never

okey.. this kid u all pown knl who kan?
lots of girls minat fanatik kat dea nieh...
kat sini some boys jer minat kat dea nieh
ok.... i pon minat but just his song's not the person owkey..
nvr say nvr is the song tht make me feel powerfull and never give up in my studies..


okey... about my study...
im fine now with Biology,science,Ekonomi,B.m,English,
sport science... ow...its so hard to credit tht thing..
in our body got hundred of bones...
and we shud remember it,one by one...omg....
dah ler i got no text book,sekolah run out of s.s txtbook...
reference book?
where shud i find?
in sabah?
ow..... only a few in sabah u know?

goin out again

this bff r forever

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