Monday, March 14, 2011


spt biasa hari ahad ,isnin n selasa 
tepat jam 10.00 mlm
me n my parents duduk dpn tv
tgk TRILOGI CINTA .. first this story sngt besh..but..
when the adik of the secnd cracter muncul.. really2 irritating!!
we called her "SEBUON" which means gatal in kadazan dusun(amek ko)
very2 geram watching it!!

cicak punya pasal ⊙.☉

kueng nyer cicak..
nyaris2 aku terlepas tray aku...
nate mu cicak...
i almost kena heart attack taw x..
bengong betol!!


tajuk entry agax funnny..hihih
shud i put on "gayut"
hahaha..owkey back to topic... guess wat.. just now my sweet k.ina called me..
but.. tht tyme my phone is connected to computer..
so...i called her back...
she is working now...with u.zul... (^_^)
we talk alot( secret)
i really missed her... cant wait too meet her on this wednesday... 
okey... tu jer..bubye...(ngoks!!)

how do i look?

these is ,y new jeans.. me dz n kc buy it 2gether..haha

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