Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mom says...

since i was mummy's daughter..
mom always tell me tht..
teenage zaman sekarang pandai make thier own rules..
i ask why?
boys and girls not married yet dah pegang here n there...
she so weird why those girls didn't feel shame?
im so funny to hear tht..
then i tell mummy...
"biasa lah mum,evrybody wanna act lyke mat salleh"
kalau kapel lyke tht bru ada romantic...they said..haha

mom answer me... romantic?  bg them lah.. bg org yg melihat?
msti bnyak sangkaan buruk bercambah dlm otak demo..huuu...

then i told mum..
''ah...biar kan si luncai dgn labu2nya'
then we laugh...haha

just a....

teamo miamor...

another day u make we wake up and smile at me

the words tht i will tell ya everyday... 
it will never stop

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