Sunday, January 16, 2011

waka- waka

anne 2011

cute isn't?
my dady grovy hair yg telah sy iron kan..hehe
my new kecik n sng nak bwk g jenjalan


heyya!.. im ready for spm!!  study,study,study, since im in science n technology class,i wanna score in Bio,science,english ,sport science,and Bahasa Melayu... so do sejarah.. bahasa melayu is my fvrite!!.. doin rumusan n membina ayat so funn to me..   in evry result for bahasa melayu paper 1 and paper 2.. sentiasa go up and up... and tcer puji me so much... hehe... im so pround of my self... as long as i study hard... i can beat u SPM!!!....  last year study smart.. but now... we must study hard oredy... no more enjoy... toO much enjoy for last year... and now iz time to study for us babe's... 

p/s: i hope u two will read this.. 

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